Lives and works in Cracow, Poland

1999 – 2004 Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, Poland, Honors Degree in Sculpture Media Actions Workshop, studies under Prof. Antoni Porczak . Thesis title: “The co-existence of web elements”
2015  PhD  at Fine Arts Academy in Krakow
March – September 2013, participant of the PHD students Seminar Philosophies at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
since 2014 student at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden – one year, independent, postgraduate course – “Organizing Discourse”

2004, 2011 Scholarship of The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2004 Scholarship of The Polish Culture Foundation, for the project ‘Breathe’


2015 London Summer Intensive, UCL&Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
2014 CRIR, Residency at Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Botkyrka Konsthall Residency, Fitja, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 The Factory for Art&Design, Copenhagen
2007 Residence SPACE Cleveland Ohio, USA.
2006 HIAP, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2017 Gestures of Resistance, Romantso, Athens, Greece 

2017 Gastronomki, Dom Norymberski, Krakow

2017 Powrót Suma, Księgarnia/Wystawa, Krakow

2016 MOCAK al MAXXI,  MAXXI,Rome, Italy

2016 The Others Art. Fair Turin, Italy

2016 …  Thrialida Center of Culture, Athens, Greece

2016 Dotknięcie Wody, Szczere Pole, Kryspinów, Polska

2016 Flow/Przepływ, Bel Etage, Berlin, Germany

2016 Phantom, BWA, Katowice, Poland

2016 Krzątaczki, Dom Norymberski, Kraków, Polska

2015 London Summer Intensive -Work in Progress, Camden Arts Centre, Londyn, UK

2015 Boutique Art Couture Gislaveds konsthall, Sweden

2015 Wilno in Gdańsk I Pattern, fabric, thread. Art vs. Design? vol. 2 Titanikas Galleries of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts

2015 Alternativa – Vernacularity, Wyspa Insti­tute of Art, Gdansk
2015 Nie/dopasowanie, Visiting Gallery, Warsaw
2015 Gender in Art, MOCAK, Krakow
2015 MOCAK Collection, MOCAK, Kraków
2015 Krzątaczki, Norymberski House, Krakow
2014 „Night activities” BWA Katowice, Poland
2013 „Who makes Europe?” Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2013 Fanaberie, Bunkier Sztuki
2012 4th Art Boom Festival, Krakow
2012 Live Flesh. From the Collection of Cezary Pieczynski. Stamach Gallery, Krakow
2012 Hotel de Inmigrantes, Cosmopolitan Stranger, Hasselt Belgium
2011 “Otulina” Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw
2011 “Gifts exchange” Muzeum Wspolczesne, Wroclaw
2011 “The Mocak collection”, MOCAK, Krakow, Poland
2011 “Two Sides” exhibition at SWAN Day Berlin
2011, Berlin, Germany 2010 “Better tomorrow”, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy
2010 “Till the heaven stops the rain” San Casciano, Italy
2010 “Better tomorrow” Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy
2010 “Coexsitence” Tembi Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2010 “Rococo” KUB Gallery, Lipsk, Germany
2010″“Tribute” to Men Artists by Women Artists , Laznia Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
2009 “Accidental pleasures”BWA Katowice, Poland
2009 “New Territories” Lisbon, Portugal
2009 ‘Excentric paths’ Riga Arsenal, Latvia
2009 ‘New territories” Pavillao 28, Lisbon, Portugal
2008 ‘Neighbors’, Blekinge Museum, Karlskona, Sweden
2008 ‘ Rauma Biennale”, Rauma, Finnland
2008 ‘ Red eyes effect’, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
2008 ‘ Heritage’ Art Center “Castle” Poznan, Poland
2007 ‘Excentric paths’, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal
2007 ‘Sewing together’ Ferry Project between Gdynia and Karlskona (Poland – Sweden)
2006 ‘Embroideries, Lace-works, Flowers’, The Artists’ Colony, Gdańsk, Poland
2006 ‘Antifestival’, Kopio, Finland
2006 ‘Beelden Buiten’, Tielt, Belgium
2006 HIAP Studios Opening Exhibition, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
2006 ‘Her Portrait (Un)faithful’, Manhattan Gallery, Lódź, Poland
2006 ‘Woman’s Life’, Polish Institute, Leipzig, Germany
2005 ‘Old Cities, New Art’, Quebec, Canada 2005 OUTVIDEO festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia 2005 ‘Polkolore’, Stuttgart, Germany
2005 ‘Memory (W)hole’, Lubljana Castle, Slovenia
2005 Kowalska, Markiewicz, Simon – Potocka Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2004 ‘Beauty – Painterly Effects’, BWA, Bielsko Biała, Poland
2004 ‘Nature of/and Art’, Bunkier Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2004 ‘Breathe’, action in public space, part of ‘Women’s Day’ project, Cracow, Poland
2004 ‘Primate’, BWA, Zielona Góra, Poland
2004 ‘Boys and Girls’, Zachęta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2002 ‘’, Cracow, Poland

Solo Exhibitions 

2016 I Am Very Glad That You Could Make It, solo performance, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK

2016 Can I make You Feel Bad? l’etrangere Gallery, London, UK

2016 It’s nothing, It’s nothing, I said to myself, nothing, nothing. WizyTUjąca Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2015 Home. Domesticity. Domestication. House Opening, F.A.I.T Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2013 „House, Home, Domesticy” Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba, Sweden
2013 „Negotiating the everyday” Przytyck Gallery, Tarnowskie Gory, Poland
2012 “Vanishing Points” Piekary Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2011 “Wearable Nations” The Factory for Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 “EU Textiles” MOCAK, Krakow
2011 “Half – empty/ Half – full Art Agenda Nova, Krakow, Poland
2010 ‘ESC, emergency exits’, BWA Bielsko-Biala, Poland
2009′ Either /or Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009′ A secret beauty of …”BWA Tarnow, Poland
2008 ‘ Moments of inertia’, Pauza Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2007 ‘Sometimes I fell crumble into the pieces…” SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA
2007 ‘Abandoned’, Turf Gallery, London
2007 ‘Transformations’, Bunkier Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2007 ‘Malignancies’, Program Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2006 ‘Exhibition of Fabric Stained with Embroidery’ Manhattan Gallery, Lódź, Poland
2006 ‘Flowers’, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy
2005 ‘Flowers’, Open Studio, Cracow, Poland
2004 ‘Warm – Cold’, The Goethe Institute, Cracow, Poland
2003 ‘Yellow Motive Project’, action in public space, Cracow, Poland
2003 ‘Cob Web’, Potocka Gallery, Cracow, Poland

Selected Festivals and Art Fairs
2011 ‘Vienna Fair” Vienna, Austria
2008 ‘Art Chicago’ Art Fair, Chicago, USA
2008 ‘Art Cologne’, Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
2007 ‘Scope Miami’ Art Fair, Miami, USA
2006 ‘Scope’Art Fair, London, UK
2006 ‘Art Cologne’Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
2006 ‘Kunst Zurich’, Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland
2006 ‘Vienna Fair’, Art Fair, Vienna, Austria
2006 ‘Arte Ffiera
2006’, Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
2005 H.O.M.E. Depot – Festival of Young Designers, Vienna, Austria
2002 ‘Underground Performance’ Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2002 RESET, Media Arts Festival, Cracow, Poland

Selected Workshops: 
2011 – “Wall” – workshops with the society of Katowice, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice, Poland
2010/2011 – recycling workshops with kids, National Museum in Krakow, Poland
2008 – “Small Club of Bunker Sztuki Gallery”workshops with kids, Krakow, Poland
2007 – “Yarn balls meetings” workshops with the society of Cleveland, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Oh, US