Mending cracks

I have noticed that kids at Mathare slum in Nairobi are wearing for school worn-out uniforms.

I decided to collect 21 uniforms and repair it by using Japanese Boro style. Patches are made out of pricy red Kashmir. Kids in Mathare were given new uniforms founded by Pamoja Foundation.

I see it as a way of heeling and suturing the torn social fabric in Nairobi.

It is a way in which me as woman from global north can little improve conditions at slums. It is a symbolic act.

Mended pullovers are going to be offered for sale as a unique piece at Pamoja Goods store. The income is going to support Cooperative Ushirkia.

Pamoja is a foundation, which gives scholarships for students in Kenya and established Ushirika Cooperative with whom I was cooperating when being in Nairobi this summer.