The Resistance Kitchen

Things are going bad, to put it mildly. And not just here in Poland. Women’s social position, so hard-won in the previous century, is under threat. To express my protest and channel my rage I choose to use irony, the tried and tested weapon. My gastronomic response is The Resistance Kitchen.

The Resistance Kitchen is a form of quiet fight against the aggressor. A few efficient – deadly dishes may be the only tool of resistance available to women. We have been stripped of other forms by power-holders. Resorting to knowledge of poisonous plants is a way to discover the connection between generations of women and an independent handling of the lack of legally binding instruments against domestic violence.

The Resistance Kitchen is also a form of the Women’s Strike.

Krakow, 8 March 2017.

Dom Norymberski, Kraków

exhibition: Gastronomki

The film is a work of fiction and is not intended as instructions.