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Restless design

rest 2 |rɛst|
1 [ in sing. ] the remaining part of something

-less |lɪs|
suf x
forming adjectives and adverbs:
1 (from nouns) not having; free from: avourless | skinless.
2 (from verbs) not affected by or not carrying out the action of the verb: fathomless | tireless.

restless |ˈrɛs(t)lɪs|
unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom = never resting

Last Autumn I made a coat from a single piece of textile. There was no production waste. Its shape was achieved only with two seams.
With such planning / designing and manufacturing there is no residue
– 100% of the material is used. I the same way the top and skirt was made. There are just a garments, but that kind of thinking can be applied to many areas of life … restless life. It is the simplest way of acting. It has a reference to Ockham’s razor – the idea that, in trying to understand something, getting unnecessary information out of the way is the fastest way to the truth or to the best explanation. I have been working with low-residue design since 2013 – when the Simple but Sophisticated series was made.

It would be also great to start Restless Kitchen (meetings, cooking, talking) – cooking from the leftovers. Combining products to use all parts of the vegetables and collecting “Recipes from scraps” and develop this idea in the form Cook Book.
We should all the time and without the rest try to take on and on the responsibility for our planet and our future. Hope that restless design can help us.

I develop this idea by organising DIY workshops with students (based on my restless outfits patterns). In the future I would like design more garments and other everyday objects based on on restless design.

restless_coat4 restless-coat restless-dress keep-abortion-save-and-legal

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